The Silent World War

We have now entered into the Third World War, a silent war against the global population by the same bloodlines who have orchestrated and funded all the major wars in modern human history, infiltrating society through their rulership of empires and hierarchical systems that have kept the common people suppressed through feudalism, that translates to modern day slavery through taxation, siphoning resources to fuel their power to conquer progressively wider populations. 

Monarchies were substituted by government and the politicians, and in the intensifying technological age, the power shifts into the hands of the technocrats who wield AI as the ultimate weapon against humanity. Whilst ancient wars were fought on horseback and with swords and shields, and the great wars of the last century were fought in trenches with ammunition, today the war works through us. We conscript through psychological consent, becoming agents used as conduits to do the bidding of those manipulating the collective consciousness, against our own best interests. 

The game tactics however remain the same. Division through polarisation, orchestrated through false flag events to manipulate belief systems to serve an immoral cause. To generate sufficient compliance, there has to be a perceived threat against survival to induce enough fear to cripple the target population into forfeiting their capacity for critical thinking and to become unquestioningly subservient. 

This was set into motion in the new millennia through the September 11 false flag attack which was used to create a divide between the West and the Middle Eastern populations under the pretext of continual terrorist threats, justifying the destabilisation of the Middle East through a string of unnecessary wars that continue to this day. This saw people in the West willingly give up their freedoms and accept invasive technological surveillance and other restrictive measures in exchange for perceived greater security, priming the population in preparation for the events of the past year that have thrust the global population into building their own prison through biological warfare, yet the most threatening virus is the one that infects the minds of those hypnotised by the mind controlled narrative, falling for the same propaganda tactics that had populations believe they must kill one another for world peace. 

This time, anyone who won’t subscribe to the dictated narrative that uses inverted science as a means to inflict medical negligence on its targets, are wrongfully seen as the threat to peace, dubbed as being selfishly irresponsible and ignoring the advice of trusted professionals. This is a global war on consciousness, heightened through technological control that censors and manipulates information as a means to brainwash people into suppressing their own consciousness, substituting their individuality for a global group think that sees any divergence to its software program as a violation of the cooperative harmony of the group, and resorts to extreme gaslighting tactics and virtue signalling as the modern day weapons to intimidate free thinking individuals into sacrificing their own autonomy and giving up their soul to the social engineers who seek to disconnect humans from their spiritual essence and serve the will of the machine. 

This has been a long time in the works, through successive and more sophisticated genetic suppression, of which the recent mRNA vaccines are the latest means to alter the human genome through hijacking the expression of organic DNA, and creating illness through the introduction of foreign agents into the body. Whilst such effects may not be immediately noticeable, they will likely have a slow burn effect, which may not be attributed to the original cause, breeding a population of sick individuals to stay dependent on the criminal pharmaceutical cartel who have hijacked their biological vehicle and can continue to exchange the human blueprint for synthetic DNA, running off software programs. 

Human genetics prior to such interference were already severely modified and restricted within the two strand frame of expression that limits perception within a materialist paradigm, whilst obstructing the ability to commune with our higher nature. The indigenous populations were the last to hold the key to our divine blueprint and were systematically genocided by colonialists, who erased and rewrote history and began the process of pillaging the Earth’s resources and violating Natural Law, sending the species into a state of degenerative entropy, to which we find ourselves at the tipping point of this cycle. 

The outcome will be determined by the state of the collective consciousness as the two antithetical polarities accelerate down their trajectories, intensifying the split that will bring an extended period of instability. This is unavoidable on the course of humanity’s evolution and without descending into further darkness, greater numbers would not be forced into a state of disillusionment necessary to question the nature of reality, which when pursued with integrity and commitment to truth, leads to the discovery of a spiritual power purposefully hidden from us, and which can be harnessed to take back charge over our destiny and to co-create with others without a loss to the spiritual equilibrium to which we are all connected. 

The current collective is locked into an energy harvesting program that feeds shadow forces divorced from their own light, and this impacts multidimensional reality. They require the energy of others to sustain their life and so keep humans on the perpetual hamster wheel of suffering to feed off their trauma. When we bring consciousness to this, we can integrate the dark aspects, by recognising them within our own shadow, and through doing this, we activate the transcendent state of neutrality that can act as the compassionate witness to external events without loss of emotional energy. 

This will likely first entail a period of personal discomfort, characterised by a dismantling of currently held beliefs that the ego sees as a threat to its survival. In reality we are being initiated into higher consciousness through connection to the authentic self in alignment with our higher nature. This transition can bring uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to the surface that require transmutation and so the dark night of the soul is like the rebirth from the ashes of an obsolete way of living that required we forfeit who we are to serve a predetermined trajectory. 

This process of recovery is gradual but progressively imbues us with a higher vibrational lightbody that commands more control over its reality and won’t participate in anti-life agendas. Evolution cannot occur until this integration of the dark/light polarities occurs, and this begins within the self.

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