The War on Natural Health

The pharmaceutical industry destroys health through suppressing the body’s natural defences. There is an all out war against the immune system at the moment and any natural treatment method, proven through the test of time, is being disregarded as pseudoscientific, and in some cases outlawed. 

They are writing a playbook that excludes any validity for the holistic model and involves tackling ailments using DNA altering poisons that create further imbalances that need to be corrected for, and so individuals become stuck in a perpetual cycle of sickness, reliant as lifelong consumers to the same pharmaceutical establishment perpetrating the illness. This assault extends to the censorship of naturopathic information and the removal of social media platforms with no prior warning or sufficient explanation, destroying the hard efforts and livelihoods of dedicated practitioners. 

In the mainstream health establishment, as we know, the health professionals who are outspoken about the many deceptions in the covid narrative are being silenced, shamed, and in many cases dismissed from their position, whilst others continue to immorally comply to blatant medical negligence through accepting financial incentives, following ‘do not resuscitate’ orders, wrongfully marking covid on the death certificates, excessive use of ventilators, harmful and faulty PCR testing, enforced mask wearing, and coercion into untested inoculations, abandoning common sense in favour of subservience to authority, often in fear of losing their jobs. But this is not a valid excuse. 

We have a duty to honour our integrity if we know something to be wrong and to fearlessly speak our truth in the face of tyranny, or else we are complicit in its continuation and become active participants in it. Those practitioners who are purposefully going against their better judgement to comply to the criminal global health organisations will also need to be held account when the full extent of the damage caused over this past year, and beyond, is revealed. This includes missed cancer screenings and other vital appointments, elevated suicide rates and chronic mental health conditions, which combined account for more death and distress than the supposed covid-19 virus, which has seen the flu all but eliminated. 

This alone should raise serious eyebrows but the medical mafia have successfully indoctrinated many of its adherents into its cult of death, complete with sinister lab coats, masks and intimidating equipment that makes hospitals something out of a dystopian sci-fi movie. And this is by design. Death is the religion of those perpetrating this upon humanity. 

That’s not to dismiss the positive work ethic or life saving treatments provided by the NHS and other health establishments in certain circumstances, particularly in situations of accidents and emergencies. It’s not a case of abandoning the entire system, but the current medical paradigm is in need of a complete overhaul and has huge conflicts of interest, ultimately serving those who control the information and science. 

The Rockefellers are behind both the creation of the pharmaceutical industry and the modern university establishment, where the educational indoctrination takes place. This way they can decide the syllabus according to their agenda. Any science that doesn’t adhere within these guidelines is selectively excluded through lack of funding, censorship or slander, dismissing the results as anti-science, a popularised buzz term to write off anything that doesn’t align with the dictated narrative, despite its proven success.

The current medical approach is primarily focused on suppression rather than treatment, failing to identify the underlying causation and prescribing drugs that exacerbate the issues in the long-term and which weaken the body’s natural defences. Many people are reliant upon and addicted to these drugs, which are dished out like candy by GPs who believe them some miracle pills, with little consideration for the manifestation of disease and, at best, referring to holistic therapies as ‘complimentary’ or ‘alternative’ – terms that do them a disservice. 

Wikipedia continues to rewrite definitions and alter history by tampering with descriptions to demonise natural health and make it appear completely ineffective and untrustworthy, as if science is only valid for man made synthetic approaches. The definition of herd immunity has also been rewritten to relate solely to vaccines and not the traditional method applied for centuries through allowing viral spread amongst the healthy, which would not require interventions that disable the immune system and lead to auto-immune responses, or worse, a gene therapy that turns the body into an operating system that requires continuous updates to function. 

The mRNA experimental technology is a piece of software that signals the dna to produce spike proteins, unlike traditional vaccines that inject a dead/weakened version of the virus to trigger an immune response. When we allow our dna to be altered in this way, we are selling our bodies as a commodity to the establishment who can program their interventions to produce desired responses, and through subsequent genetic modification, this rewrites the human genome in an irreversible way, at least in the sense of overriding human consciousness, which has the potential to govern biology through belief. 

This is the best guarded secret, despite being demonstrated repeatedly through the placebo effect and through quantum mechanics that has revealed consciousness as the building block of matter, yet the power of our minds is suppressed and these revelations relegated from mainstream discussion in favour of a restrictive Particle Physics model. This too will be superseded by the transhumanist model that has us believing that devolving into cyborgs is the new frontier of scientific progression, capable of solving many problems where biology has failed us. 

The aim is treat human biology as inferior to technology, playing God and justifying the acceptance of nano technology which overrides biological functions. The popularity of Elon Musk in this department represents the naivete of the human race who are so scared of death, they will sell their soul in exchange for promises of a longer life or cures to ‘incurable’ diseases which were engineered in the first place, and where viable natural treatments have been suppressed. 

Then there is the Germ v Terrain Theory debate which raises interesting questions about the origins of disease, and brings under scrutiny whether we are at threat from external invisible invaders at all, at least in the way viruses have been sold to us, which keeps the population crippled in fear and anxious to interact with one another in a human way. This is a convenient way to catalyse the AI agenda. No viruses have been isolated in pure cultures, failing to fulfill Koch’s postulates, yet we are to believe that the entirety of humanity are walking around as asymptomatic carriers of a novel virus that fails to meet any of these criteria.

We do know, however, that we are under continual bombardment from electromagnetic radiation which deprives humans of oxygen, along with forced isolation, mask wearing, and declining mental health that can lead to many manifestations of physical ailments that constitute a covid classification. There is also many advanced biological and technological weapons used against the population that they are unaware of. 

However, the debate of the existence of the virus is secondary to the reality that it has been used as the greatest psy-op in human history to push humanity to the next stage of global enslavement. The lies, hypocrisy, statistics, negligence, cover ups and censorship all speak for themselves, and this should have been evident enough to completely dismantle the official narrative, to hold those complicit fully accountable and to reopen society and save the dying embers of a broken society, already economically destitute through irrecoverable debt to the global financiers and their criminal fractional reserve baking system. 

Everyone has had the opportunity to think for themselves and take a look at a variety of information available. The situation should have called for thorough due diligence given we’ve been imprisoned in our homes for a year and coerced into being lab rats for an experimental gene therapy never before used on humans and without sufficient long-term trials. 

Those who have willingly ignored loved ones pleas to consider vital information and instead have accused them of being the dangerous and irresponsible ones, have chosen a life of external control, and forfeited the activation of their inherent internal power that allows them to govern their own health and destiny. For those, our energy is wasted and better invested elsewhere. 

They may be forced into a rude awakening later on through suffering, which may propel them into sufficient disillusionment to break free from the prolonged Stockholm Syndrome and accept that ignorance is no longer bliss and that the perceived path of least resistance isn’t going to save them from the long term implications of their decisions. Every choice we make has to be accounted for as the karmic wheel continues to turn. 

Those who believe they can escape the divine cycle will be met with repeated lessons until they choose to step back on the correct evolutionary trajectory. Those who believe it is acceptable to enforce infringements of human rights upon their neighbours, and even loved ones, are in violation of Natural Law, and evolution always strives for balance. We will all have to move back in congruence with creator at some point, whether in this lifetime or the next. 

We have been tricked through mechanical inversions into accepting illusions as reality and reality as illusions. Everything is upside down and salvation comes from the inside, not from an external reality mimicking consciousness through technological enslavement that demands the forfeiting of individuality to be plugged into a hive network dressed up as a false unity. There is no unity where there is no individuality. This is the paradox we are blinded to. 

On the evolutionary path, we must be afforded the free will to move down our own unique path, and not subverted into a predetermined singularity where decisions are made for us and where we are to serve an external will who requires the energy of others to sustain its power. There is no benevolence in this, and anything presenting itself as such is using trickery to win your consent. 

We are the masters of our fate, the creators of our reality. Unity comes through respect for individual free will and connection through vibrational resonance. This will lead to the formation of compatible communities who can evolve and co-create together, connecting with other communities/networks through resonance as well, expanding collective evolution. 

This process is already underway and is quickening. As the agenda ramps up the speed, simultaneously more people are thrust into an awakening and so the two pathways are ironically intertwined through fate. The darkness serves to exemplify the light, reminding people what they have forgotten. This integration of duality will take time, but it cannot be stopped. 

This may entail a splitting of timelines as the vibrational schism of the incongruent sectors of the population continues to widen and can’t continue to accommodate the same space, but from a higher vantage point everything is quantumly entangled, and every decision we make reverberates across the multidimensional field. 

By helping ourselves, we are already helping others, and as we learn greater self mastery, our field of influence widens. We give permission for others to follow in our footsteps and activate their personal power through demonstrating its positive impact in our lives. We help to disable the fear program siphoning their energy and to reintegrate to open the channel to act as a conduit for divine will to work through. This is our birthright. 

We are divine beings having a temporary human experience and the third dimension offers a great opportunity to reactivate the seed of self-awareness and move along an individuated path of evolution. It can also lead to the opposite, exchanging our souls for a governed group think. The choice is ours and there is no better time to make the right decision.

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