The World is a Stage

There are deliberate distractions being pushed through media channels to divert attention away from more important matters. This is a classic divide and rule strategy employed to accelerate the controllers agenda with less resistance. These distractions take many different forms and are effective through playing on issues that exploit moral causes and trigger intense emotional reactions so that there is a sufficient spillage of emotional energy to leave people feeling energetically drained, as well as creating a divide through split opinion to keep people in perpetual division, projecting their energy onto one another, as opposed to unifying against the true common enemy manipulating events from behind the scenes. 

The situation regarding Harry and Meghan does not warrant any attention. It is insignificant in the grand scheme of things and the timing of this interview is no mistake. Oprah is prominent controlled opposition and will conduct interviews in a calculated way according to the intent of her handlers. It’s amazing how many are still fooled by her phoney spiritual persona. Oprah has been responsible for thrusting many false teachers and celebrity sell outs into the limelight and affiliating with convicted pedophiles. She single handedly has the potential to shift public opinion using her deceptive interviewing tactics that are framed in a way that appear authentic and empathetic, but when you look deeper, there is a manufactured agenda behind the matters in question. 

This is an example of emotional manipulation, which on the surface has the hallmarks of inspiring and empowering conversation, yet fuels polarisation through encouraging a dichotomous ‘either ‘or’ stance that can’t be reconciled through taking a more neutral observational viewpoint that is able to detect the manipulation and to withhold emotional investment so that consciousness can’t be hijacked to steer humanity down a predetermined trajectory. 

All the attention on the royal family, whether good or bad, is a convenient diversion from the reality that the royal bloodlines are intricately tied to the psychopathic ruling elite that have suppressed humanity for eons. This interview alone has garnered more media attention than the shocking, but unsurprising, revelations that Prince Andrew was complicit in child trafficking, the most abhorrent scourge on humanity, that should have warranted persecution and deeper investigation by not just the media, but also the public to identify the widescale pedophile networks that plague the planet and which see millions of people yearly go missing worldwide. 

Epstein’s dealings just happened to spill into public awareness due to numerous victims coming forward, which blew the lid on its secrecy. However, convicted pedophile Jimmy Savile was also well acquainted with the Royal Family, in particular Charles, an heir to the throne, yet we omit these details out of cognitive dissonance to protect the fragility of our psyche that prefers to feed the illusion that paints the royal family with a human brush, as if they suffer the same problems as us ordinary human folk. These psychopathic criminals should be locked away and held accountable for the immense suffering they have perpetrated upon humanity.

This was just one of the multifaceted agendas of the interview which also played identity politics using the race card to continue to perpetrate the idea that racism is a systemic issue that continues to plague the minds of the white population and for which we should all accept guilt and project remorse for. Though the royal family may well have an issue with a baby of colour, racial discrimination is used as bait to incite race wars as a catalyst for a manufactured ‘oneness’ that indoctrinates the global population into a hive mind where any individuality or diverging opinion to the prescribed narrative is prohibited as discriminatory and deemed worthy of censorship enforced through institutions, and the general population through virtue signalling and snitching. Using a royal baby to push this into public consciousness is an effective strategy, just like the George Floyd psy-op which took advantage of growing awareness about police brutality to steer the same narrative. 

Creating illusory demarcations in the population keeps attention confined within a restricted mental paradigm that can’t zoom out and see the bigger picture, and identify how external authorities use psychological warfare through rampant propaganda to heighten their power and justify the need for their control through keeping humans in a perpetual state of division and suffering. In reality, beneath the ideological divides, humans are generally cooperative and compassionate, with the willingness to strive for peace and harmony. These virtues are in direct conflict with a darkness that feeds off emotional loosh to generate a power that can only thrive through exploitation of others. 

By instilling this same separation consciousness into the population, we enslave ourselves into an invisible human farm where energy is continually siphoned. A one world order packaged using buzzwords like sustainability, cooperation, progression and harmony, is the means to gain consent through free will. If the real agenda was laid out, people would not so willingly comply to their own enslavement. By perverting the liberal ideology to align with communist ideals and through trapping individuals on their spiritual evolutionary journey into New Age philosophies that invert and pervert spiritual values, we inadvertently feed straight into a collective group think that continues to be governed by malevolent forces.

Piers Morgan is another establishment puppet playing his role in the charade as the controversial archetypal villain with morally reprehensible views that can be equated with the right wing, the new enemy of ‘wokeness’. This will incite a celebration from the social justice warriors who hail his removal from ITV has another milestone in the battle against bigotry and toxic masculinity, that have been purposefully instilled as the prevailing obstruction to human progression. This is yet more smoke and mirrors from a controlling hand pulling the puppet strings in the shadows, mocking our naiveté whilst they devise their next psy-op using the successful Hegelian Dialectic of problem-reaction-solution. 

Any event that receives widespread media coverage almost always has an underlying agenda, and when we are aware of this, we can identify the manipulations before we get sucked into the division through identifying with manufactured belief systems that divorce us from our own intuitive faculties accessed via a higher intelligence and not external information streams that have their own agendas. Beliefs are the enemy to evolution and whilst we shouldn’t abandon moral endeavours, our moral compass should not be determined outside of ourselves. 

Basic morality through Natural Law is our inherent state. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ is a universal principle embedded in the collective psyche that should be upheld through individuals as their own judge and jury. When we project and continually condemn others, taking the moral high ground, we fail to see where our own emotions are being exploited to consent to collective enslavement. 

When we reignite self-awareness, our ability to discern what is true and right and wrong becomes much more clear, as we open the channel for divine will to flow through us, so that these truths become an unshakeble knowing through resonance felt in the body. Once we are tapped into this embodied state we don’t allow others to govern our thoughts, behaviours and feelings because we don’t need guidance from those who have their own unresolved conflicts to attend to or have divorced from their own essence and become parasites for others energy.

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