1. Free will v Determinism

2. AI v Organic Ascension

3. Hyper-dimensional

4. False Light

6. Divine Will


1. Conditioning

3. Embodiment

4. Evolution


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5. Timeline Split

We are not yet ready for a global awakening. The majority still operate under hypnosis, governed by external programs that work through their unintegrated unconscious impressionable to the bombardment of stimuli generated from the frequencies of the matrix through technological channels, electromagnetic weaponry and educational indoctrination, which meddles with the nervous system, preventing DNA upgrades and stifling the connection to spirit. This is why we see the same script playing out collectively. It is a reflection of the current state of the unhealed collective consciousness.

Striving for one unified way of living isn’t realistic on this current physical density, until the collective consciousness evolves and transcends physicality. This may or may not happen, but we need not concern ourselves with that outcome. We can’t change the whole world but can take charge of our personal corner of reality and surrender to a higher power to take care of the rest. There are bigger forces at play as well. Changing ourselves is the most valuable contribution we can make and that is within our control. The best way to initiate this change is through decentralisation into vibrational sub-sects and then building outwards from there, rather than trying to unify into a hive mind or singularity, before all the inhabitants have graduated in their souls individuation process.

This is what shifting timelines is about. This process starts wherever we are now, no matter our personal circumstances. It starts with the willingness to change and reclaim our internal authority. This involves we take personal responsibility, even if we have been an unfortunate victim of our circumstances. The solution is still the same regardless. We are the change and can transmute our pain and suffering into personal power with enough belief and dedication, followed by right action in alignment with true morality in service of divine law.

Each of us are responsible for crafting our own timeline. We do not need to envision a future built on an already obsolete society, but to restore freedom through integration on an individual level first, from which resonant tribes can be birthed to co-create new conditions as a reflection of their amplified shared resonance. Expanding consciousness through exercising free will has the capacity to create new worlds birthed from the imagination and there are no limits to these creative abilities, except what we hold within our mind as a limitation. Consciousness creates reality, not the other way round. By working together our collective energy grows stronger to provide genuine resistance to those who have split off from creator and assumed the role of gods, trying to lock humanity into a fixed timeline, governed by fate.

As we solidify our personal timeline, we architect our personal container of energetic integrity built on trust and resonance. Formulating this resonance is not the same as an echo chamber. It requires no label. It is a natural gravitational attraction that attracts the right people and naturally amplifies our spiritual strength and power. It is important that those we associate with on a personal level share similar values about a new world, so that we can function in harmony, otherwise inevitable friction will ensue, much like we see with premature attempts to bypass physical learning experiences and build off grid communities that remain a reflection of the unresolved shadow of its inhabitants.

This is why we are still participating in the technological timeline, so we attract our tribe. The New Earth building will follow. Believing we can change everyone by forcing our truth onto others will only contaminate our field with an amalgamation of conflicting energies that will become a minefield to escape from. We have no obligation to prove anything to anyone, but can attract people by virtue of living with integrity and being the example we wish to set. This is what permits conditions to transform more organically and effortlessly, without the necessity to fight our way to liberation.

Trying to perpetually fight an external battle drains our energetic resources and creates resistance. It also fractures relationships and feeds the division we are trying to resolve, especially when we attempt to bend someone to our will through infringing on their free will. This includes persistent judgements masquerading as ‘intuition and discernment’, assuming a state of spiritual superiority, and looking down on others who haven’t yet received the insight necessary to change. We may brandish them as lesser beings deserving of their fate, presuming they enjoy their suffering or are purposefully aligning with evil. The majority of the worlds inhabitants are not evil. They are ignorant, lost and confused and need guidance from those who have found the courage to let go of the harmful programming.

Being able to compassionately observe the world and accept others at the level they are at, without projecting judgements, is the sign that in spite of others choices, we trust that we can take charge of our destiny. We no longer feel compelled to force anyone to change, but naturally become an example that inspires others who gravitate to our energy. This is our tribe ready for co-creation and we can serve one another without resistance or conflict. There is no violation of free will and the co-creative energy is more harmonious. The more we can assist each others growth in this way, the more external conditions will reflect to match that energetic potency. This is how we shift timelines organically and embody new earth energies without the necessity to spiritually bypass the process.

As the great war on consciousness ensues and the polarities intensify, there will be an ever emerging schism on earth between those that are aligned with their own spiritual development and those that are still in servitude to the manipulation of external forces. How this unfolds remains to be seen. By predicting the outcome we interfere with the organic flow, but as the schism widens there will be different experiences during upcoming events.

The changes taking place on Earth will increasingly remove individual autonomy and create more restrictive environments. Those still entrenched in hypnosis will be unable to recognise these changes, opting to follow the establishments dictated narrative whatever the cost. This is achieved through continued desensitisation and distraction, taking advantage of unresolved trauma and ego desires. This entails forfeiting our freedoms and so we end up sacrificing the joy of life in submission to a power that steals our energy and resources to grant itself more influence.

Others are going to feel more intensified fear and anxiety. There will be greater confusion and illness and a last grasp to seek solution from those perpetuating the misery, chasing security and stability even if it comes at a soul bargaining price. This is rooted in fear of the unknown, where the ego hijacks control to convince the individual that the unknown is a dangerous place of exploration and that attending to primal needs should take priority, even if that means conforming to an external will which does the majority of the thinking and decision making for them. By begging for freedoms from those who have taken them from us, we are reinforcing the legitimacy of an external authority over us who can continue to set the parameters from which society is permitted to operate. This system has long been obsolete and was founded on corruption.

Those aware of the negative agenda but who choose to subscribe to the negative future timelines by feeding it with consciousness and emotional energy, will generate more momentum in the collective field for that outcome to manifest. They are pulled into timelines that reflect the present fears of the collective consciousness. Our thoughts form subconscious impressions that are reinforced each time we give attention to an outcome. This then spills into our experience of reality.

Generating New Earth Timelines

Whilst the hive mind is distracted by the technological mind control, this is the window of opportunity to grasp life and make preparations. There is a spectrum of soul ages incarnated on the planet during this time. Individuals are awakening to the feeling that they have lived other lives before, overcoming some extreme hardships which have made it easier to perceive the events on Earth more truthfully. Those who have always felt something is fundamentally wrong with the current condition, accompanied by that strong yearning for a better world in harmony with one another and the earth, will know that their souls are ready for this initiation and that they have a unique role to play during this time.

These individuals aren’t as easily exploited by external forces and prefer to use their own internal faculties to discern information. They have an autonomous will that is governed from within and are evolving down an individuated path of evolution with higher personal creative power to shape external reality. As we utilise our free will free from external interference, we are guided to make choices that promote our highest development and manifestation becomes easier and quicker.

These times call for adaptability. Things are moving very quickly and we want to ride the waves of change before they submerge us. We have all the tools we need but action is required. This may entail taking appropriate risks to change aspects of our lives that are keeping us in a state of stagnancy and stifling our evolutionary growth. This may result in temporary destabilisation during the reorganisation process, until we correct course and settle along the most beneficial trajectory. On the surface this may appear negative and induce anxiety, but change entails confrontation, where challenges enable the initiation into an expanded state of awareness.

Splitting timelines involves reengaging with our internal intelligence to connect through intuition to navigate reality with as minimal interference possible. This connection to our higher authentic expression encompasses the diminishing of ego. Our lifestyle choices change, sometimes radically, shifting our priorities. What previously provided stimulation becomes obsolete as we strive for higher ideals, activating our unique purpose that works in alignment with divine will. This is a gradual process that must be respected.

Our external experience is mirroring our internal state and if our environment or lifestyle is creating consistent discomfort then this is a signal to take the appropriate action to change. We may feel a growing disconnect in some of our relationships as the timelines split, or an urge to change environment or occupation to align more with our authenticity. The matrix will be sowing strong seeds of doubt and so these times call for greater connection and trust in a higher power that will guide us through synchronicity to navigate the turbulence.

By strengthening our inner connection, we will feel more confident to take bold action to untether disempowering attachments. As always, introspection, reflection and shadow work should be integrated into our lifestyle, as well as learning to relate to the natural world free from technological reliance, through learning relevant skills and building healthy and reliable connections to share knowledge, skills and resources, and to build camaraderie.

This type of ascension brings a more vibrant experience of Earth into our being. The mind becomes free to imagine a more favourable reality into existence and we call forth our soul family who are in energetic congruence so that we establish our own quantum field, tethered by psychic entanglements that establish trust and permit the co-creation of a shared reality built on a mutual vision.

Within this we will know what our personal role is based on our life experience, the skills we have acquired, what we are most passionate about and what makes our soul come alive. This is embodying 5D into the 3D so that they merge. 5D can be experienced on the Earth, and the Earth was once a place that flourished at such a frequency before its takeover. We are here to restore the planet back to its former glory, not to abandon it in its time of need. 

False Ascension

The new earth/god’s kingdom won’t look like anything we have had before. It is not built on scarcity or regulated systems of any kind. It is built on trust and truth. This entails the necessity to surrender to the unknown and to put our trust in higher divinity. This will help to organically craft the future in alignment with our highest evolution, and all the resources we require to maintain this vibration will be provided for us.

This isn’t the same as spiritual bypassing through failure to assimilate the shadow to become a clear channel for divine will to work through. If we are still governed by the lower ego structure, then we will be led by temptation to continue to serve the self in fear of losing control, and therefore forfeit the capacity for true reality creation that doesn’t conform to a specific framework. It unfolds from a place of presence having established trust through embodiment.

Organic architecture has a natural hierarchy of consciousness predicated on the level of soul embodiment attained. Those at the upper levels become the leaders/mentors to help facilitate the growth of those with less experience. They are respected for that role and there is no imbalance or loss of energy, because there is a uniform acceptance about how the ecosystem functions in alignment with natural/divine law.

Every individual is regarded as equal but unique emanations of source with their own soul blueprint, co-existing to promote the greater good of the collective. There is no existing ideology that can rationalise the vibrational congruence of these birthing soul collectives. They are an intersection of individual timelines that have found natural alignment through shared spiritual ideals forged through initiation of the self beyond conditioned ego programs. This way co-creation manifests without conflict.

If we are functioning according to pre-existing schemas, we end up projecting our preferred ideal onto the rest of the group, and this inevitably leads to disagreement. This is not rooted in true authentic alignment but the assertion of dominance which is still part of the inverted reality system fuelled by the unresolved ego structure.

This is why communes almost always tend to fail. All too often these communities suffer from the same pitfalls experienced in wider society, as the unhealed trauma and shadow spills into the external environment creating division and competition. This gives rise to power hierarchies or cults with subordinates who can’t freely exercise their personal agency without condemnation or being overpowered. This is an aspect of the distorted masculine that needs to be dissolved. Reintegration first has to happen within our own being through rooting consciousness into the body for more holistic connection, which will reflect as greater external unity. We can’t run away from our shadow because it lives inside us. Whatever is unresolved will always find a way to express itself externally.

The timeline split, at least at this stage, is not literally splitting off from the collective in the sense of living an alternate physical reality on Earth free from the collective. This may naturally happen for some individuals who find themselves in areas largely uninfluenced by the grips of the Matrix due to self-sufficient, sustainable, community based living, though at this time those are a rarity and the way the global establishment is structured makes it difficult for self-sustaining communities to thrive, especially free from the restrictive bounds of societies rules, laws and economic systems.

Another idea of timeline splitting is this idea of 5D ascension at the expense of grounding in the 3D, hoping to transcend beyond the struggles of physical reality by attaining a high enough consciousness. This may involve preaching asceticism and the denial of outer worldly pleasures in the pursuit of spiritual purification, separating from material reality which is still an expression of consciousness. This is apparent in religions like Buddhism which have access to higher awareness but attempt to stifle the ego during this lifetime to commit to a life of servitude to a higher divinity in preparation for the souls transition.

This preoccupation with inner work at the expense of playing a role to assist the collective evolution could be recognised as a kind of abandonment of the Earth at a pivotal juncture where every action contributes to the fate of humanity. As a microcosm of the Earth, when we seek to avoid its pain, we are denying our own pain and creating a block in our ascension progress. The Earth is a living entity on its own evolutionary path and it needs us to work in harmony, just like our body requires from its cells.

Whilst there is a lot to learn from the Buddhist tradition in the realms of spirituality, many of our souls lessons are attained through direct experience interfacing with physical reality. Though the ego can drive us into temptation and steer us off path, it is a useful asset when in servitude to our higher self and so should not be treated as an enemy. It is more a case of transitioning through the ego and integrating the lessons so that the ego can be tamed rather than running amok and prioritising superficial or survival means over spiritual evolution.

These pursuits aren’t necessarily wrong as much as they are incomplete. Just as we have to conquer the darkness within ourselves, we are all connected and we can never escape the suffering of the world. We can, however, position ourselves to be of the best service possible, unencumbered by declining external conditions, recognising this as necessary for the collective rebirth for which we are the wayshowers.

That way we are still witness to what’s unfolding on the global stage but are insulated in our reality and do not succumb to the chaos through giving it our emotional energy. As we integrate more light codes into the body our cells respond and nervous system upgrades. The same thing happens to us as the Earth makes its transition, but it requires participation from its inhabitants.