Timeline Splitting Through Embodiment

I don’t see the timeline split, at least at this stage, as literally splitting off from the collective in the sense of living an alternate reality on Earth free from the collective. This may naturally happen for some individuals who find themselves in areas largely uninfluenced by the grips of the Matrix due to self-sufficient, sustainable, community based living, though at this time those are a rarity and this may be an escape route for some who have not yet embodied the vibration that could sustain such a lifestyle. All too often these communities suffer from the same pitfalls experienced in wider society as the unhealed trauma and shadow seeps into the external environment, creating division and competition.

Another idea of timeline splitting is this idea of ‘5D ascension’, at the expense of grounding in the 3D, so that we hope to transcend beyond the struggles of physical reality by attaining a high enough consciousness. This could involve a fixation with spiritual evolution and inner work at the expense of playing a role to assist the collective evolution through finding a purpose that can translated into manifest reality to bring about tangible change. This could be recognised as a kind of abandonment of the Earth at a pivotal juncture where every action we take will contribute to the outcome.

Neither of these pursuits are necessarily ‘wrong’ or ineffective as much as they are incomplete. The timeline split I speak of is a more integrated approach whereby we embody higher frequencies (light energy) and anchor them into physical reality so that they can influence the collective. That way we are still a witness and participants to what’s unfolding on the global stage but we do not succumb to the chaos through giving it our emotional energy and so we are insulated in our reality.

As this 3D/5D schism widens, there will be different experiences during upcoming events:

Those who are still attached to the illusion will feel intensified fear and anxiety, there will be greater confusion and illness and a last grasp to seek a solution from those perpetuating the misery. But there comes a point where there is nothing left to lose and this can initiate a transmuting ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ rebirth, should that individual choose to bravely face the darkness and pierce the veil of illusion. This is a choice that will face many.

Meanwhile those who have undergone a training course will feel better equipped during this intensified power grab. They may be strategically positioned in a way that isn’t as influenced by outside events. Perhaps they have less attachment to the social activities, have built a trusted network, have moved from unhealthy environments and have activated their souls mission with financial reward, free from external ties.

This type of ascension brings a more vibrant experience of Earth into our being. Things feel lighter, colours more vivid, nature more appealing, manifestation quickens and compatible relationships emerge. This is embodying 5D INTO the 3D so that they merge. 5D can be experienced on the Earth, and the Earth was once a place that collectively flourished at such a frequency, before its takeover. We are here to restore the planet back to its former glory, not to abandon it in its time of need.

The Earth is a living entity on its own evolutionary path and it needs us to work in harmony, just like our body requires from its cells. As we integrate more light codes into the body, our cells respond and nervous system upgrades. The same thing happens to us as the Earth makes its transition, but it requires participation from its inhabitants.

It’s easy to feel helpless in a perceived dying world, powerless to make a change as we watch the chaos unfold, but this bifurcation of timelines is the very process that will initiate great change, and it is already unfolding. The choice will be there for others to step on a different trajectory when the time is right and as more souls make this transition, the collective experience of physical reality will start to shift to reflect these changes. Though the evil in this world is very real, from such darkness can birth a new reality. We are the co-creators, all we need to do is to remember.

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