Transcending The Grips of Darkness

We find ourselves under house arrest whilst a proven senile pedophile fraudulently makes his way into a prominent position of power to ensure the roll out of the next steps of ‘The Great Reset’, declaring the continuation of masks and other restrictions and the aim to mandate vaccinations justified for ‘health and safety’, all conveniently timed to meet the Agenda 21 projection and to pave the way over the next 8 years of presidency for the next phase – Agenda 2030, focused on ‘ tackling climate change’, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and establishing a technocratic takeover that will make politics redundant.

This will include health passports with vaccination certificate records, track and trace apps and the transition to a Universal Basic Income, coupled with the attempted eradication of cash, all presenting the illusion that we are moving globally towards a more economically free, cleaner and connected planet, with the convenience of technology to run the operations.

Anyone who challenges this narrative will be deemed a threat to global progression, brandished as a mentally unhinged conspiracy theorist promoting dangerous misinformation that requires total censorship ‘for the greater good’. This has been in the making for millennia, but as the technological age intensifies, which parallels the Age of Aquarius, it can be exponentially sped up, making more ground in a few years than over the entirety of this cycle of human history.

The millennials are the primary target to instil radical liberal propaganda through educational brainwashing, so that they enforce the will of the machine on their own citizens through political correctness, virtue signalling and gaslighting, sold to them deceptively as a means to uphold their inverted external belief systems, manufactured to exploit unhealed wounds and collectively feed the centralised control system, functioning as a hive mind that destroys individuality and critical thinking. These individuals will walk around proudly showcasing their ‘wokeness’ unaware that their minds have been completely hijacked to serve their own downfall. This timeline is already playing out.

Do not despair. This is only their plan and there is way out of this. Another option is available, and it starts with individual choice. We can choose to disengage from this projected trajectory by withdrawing our consent, refocusing our will on establishing internal peace and balance and building our own networks that align with our frequency. We don’t have to do this alone.

How this plays out will vary between individuals but we can all establish sovereignty over these aspects of reality, and those timelines that are in communion with one another will be pulled into one another’s field, amplifying their energy and acting as a natural antidote, less penetrable by denser vibrations that will be vanquished by the power of our inner light.

Again this process is already underway, and individuals who have chosen to re-establish an internal connection will notice how their lives are taking shape according to the power of their intent and restructured beliefs, as the matrix feels more like a movie playing out through which they are the observers, but with no emotional investment or attachment to external structures or saviours.

We can choose to re-enter that time stream to offer support and guidance but without feeding it with more consciousness. There are times when we may feel the ‘pull’ of the darker energies luring us back into the chaos as we witness the collective fear ramp up and spillage of unresolved trauma. During these moments we can re-establish internal connection through tried and tested methods to ensure that we don’t become energetically entangled once again to the artificial timeline.

What we are experiencing on the global stage is a collective dark night of the soul, which whilst painful to witness and endure, is necessary for the evolution of consciousness. It seems somewhat paradoxical that our fate is intertwined with our perceived downfall, but from such suffering humanity is equipped with a heightened awareness of its enslavement, propelled into curiosity during inevitable rude awakenings that will come to each individual when it is their time.

We are not yet ready for a global awakening, with large numbers still operating under hypnosis, governed by external programs that work through their unintegrated unconscious impressionable to the bombardment of stimuli generated from the frequencies of the matrix through technological channels, electromagnetic weaponry and educational indoctrination, which meddles with the nervous system, preventing DNA upgrades and stifling the connection to spirit. This is why we see the same script playing out in the political arena, because it is a reflection of the current state of the unhealed collective consciousness, whether or not the electoral process has been rigged or not.

At any time, we can opt out, and inspire others to do the same through demonstrating how our lives have been empowered through the inner process. Make no mistake though, this pathway is not easy, and there are many layers to integrate, which takes time, but our pain must be bought to consciousness to be healed, so that it can longer be exploited to feed anti-human forces. Every individual who undergoes this transition grants more momentum to the collective shift, helping transition to a future with less requirement for external governance.

We have to first prove to ourselves that we can be our own authority, because when we hand the keys to our fate to others, we become a part of their script and we slow down our ascension process. 2020 has afforded us this choice to a much greater degree as the splitting of timelines intensifies. This may feel like the end, but it could be a new beginning. Choose your path.

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