Transcending The Pain Body

Until we heal the pain body, we will not be able to view reality objectively, but through the lens of ego filters that operate using defence mechanisms in attempt to avoid self-confrontation. This can hide under the guise of many justifications, including righteous anger, or a perceived sense of obligation to ‘fix the outside world’ through over-consumption of knowledge and pre-occupation with the outside battle. There is a place for all of this, but without internal checks and balances in place, our good intentions can easily be subverted 

Higher Self

Witnessing And Transmuting Emotional Energy

Unresolved trauma can be exploited by parasitic forces who know how to prey upon our blind spots to trigger desirable reactions that continue to generate more chaos and conflict in the collective field. This redirects energy to the phantom worlds that run the anti-christ infrastructure. There is no discrimination when it comes to their fuel source. All projected emotional energy can be harvested, which in turn diminishes our own creative energy by draining life force.

This emotional energy can be transmuted from within the body by bringing the higher mind online in order to observe this energy in motion without identification. Whatever we identify with we become, and this derails us onto disempowering timelines that reflect that level of vibrational embodiment. There is wisdom contained within every emotion that will reveal itself if we surrender to it. This will show us which aspects of the shadow to attend to, which ultimately serves our highest evolutionary growth by untethering karmic entanglements that are keeping our souls in a state of bondage.

The karmic scales are rebalancing, and we have entered a window of opportunity to confront our own demons so we can cast them into the abyss by shining our light of consciousness onto them so they no longer hold any power. Whatever we refuse to confront will continue to exert its influence from the shadows, and this shadow realm is ripe for hyper-dimensional infiltration.

The nervous system is the barometer for the level of self-mastery we have ascertained. It regulates electrical energy and any imbalance can be felt through suppression or over-activation of the nervous system. Regulation begins with the breath, as nature intended, correcting any reversals that has resulted in rapid, shallow breathing which limits oxygen intake and initiates a fight-flight or freeze response. This disables our capacity to take charge of our reality through directing the personal will.

Astral Hijacking And Dead Energy Accumulation

We are in this state of trauma response when being governed from the unconscious, which opens our mind up to hacking. The reality engineers know how to program the subconscious by feeding suggestions, such as subliminal imprints, that work as a form of predictive programming so that we fulfil external agendas, stuck in a trauma bond with our oppressors. Any weakness we have will be exploited, and this works beyond just the 3D control structure.

The 4th dimensional astral plane has been severely distorted to block access to the 4th chakra, the heart. As a result of accumulation of shadow debris, dead energy has been trapped in the pain body and our hearts have blackened. This is primarily due to trauma rooted in the sexual sacral centre – the instinctual centre which drives unhealthy impulses, addictions and other self-sabotaging tendencies. When suffering, we seek solace from the pain through external attachment, whether to substances, people or authority. It all stems from the same underlying origin.

Sexual trauma is particularly devastating on the energy body, resulting in soul fragmentation, where the soul dissociates from the body resulting in disembodiment and ego hijacking. This inverts reality so that instead of harnessing light from source, we leak vital energy which weakens our etheric body, damaging our spiritual defences and falling into bondage to 3D materialism due to ego identification.

When we cannot differentiate the lower ego mind from the authentic higher mind, which is our spiritual essence, we attach to personas and confuse them as our true identity, relegating our authentic self into the recesses of the unconscious. Over successive eons this has led to progressive DNA degradation, resulting in the limited two strand expression that keeps us operating in the perceptual bandwidth of visible light, unaware of our multidimensional nature.

Accessing And Embodying Higher Identities

Our higher identities are still stationed in other planes of reality but are inaccessible whilst we live under the governance of the base 3 chakras, due to insufficient shadow clearing. When we clear passage for energy to graduate up through to the heart, we allow for greater soul embodiment. With this, we are able to ground higher frequencies into the body to upgrade the nervous system and light-body, so that we lift the physical density and transition from carbon to crystalline lifeforms who can direct quantum potential into desired particle based manifestations. We break down the molecular structure of reality so that it become malleable and receptive to our consciousness.

This potential is amplified the more souls can connect to the network. At this stage, the collective consciousnesses is still unconsciously consenting to 3D manifestation, but during this collective dark night transition, more souls are coming back online to help shift the external landscape down a more life sustaining trajectory. This is a gradual transition which will look chaotic on outward appearances at the moment due to a schism as the incongruent reality streams diverge. It’s a case of working to align with the organic current so that we aren’t submerged under the waves.

The power of individuals embodying their higher soul potential far supersedes unconscious automatons doing the bidding of their handlers in a pre-deterministic fashion. That reality expression carries very little potency because it lacks divine creativity and it’s power can only be sustained through ignorance via deception and reality inversion, which is just a mimicry of the immense power and benevolence of the organic architecture.

Our divinity is accessible to us when we take the leap of faith to surrender to the unknown. At first divine guidance is confused with untrustworthy authority, but over time as we witness its magic in our lives through god-ordained synchronicity, we learn to develop a deeper trust in ourselves as the true authority. As we reintegrate the soul to merge with the body we become instruments for divine will, without the need to control outcomes or fight our way to freedom.

Heart Based Intention

For as long as we are in a state of resistance, we forfeit our energy and remain caught in the matrix web of soul recycling. Soul individuation grants us access to deeper heart intelligence, free from the negative judgements of the predator ego mind that operates under a digressive service to self orientation which can masquerade with positive virtues, including hero/saviour complexes as a product of over inflated self importance.

We can check in with ourselves by being honest about our intentions and whether they are truly coming from an empathetic place, or from a reactionary state that seeks retribution for perceived wrongdoing. There is no shame in self-honesty, and this self-awareness is the prerequisite for shedding the layers of ego that invite deeper authenticity.

When we know and trust ourselves, we do not seek to control others free will and we respect that there is a process to evolution, which we can help to facilitate but not intervene with. We act as a living embodiment of the example we wish to set and those that are ready come forth to receive assistance and mentorship of their own accord. This enables sustainable self-transformation of individuals who can then form cohesive co-creative collectives through soul resonance.

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