Transducing Divine Will

When we zoom out and observe the war on consciousness from a wider perspective, there is a singularity playing out that hijacks human consciousness and siphons energy to feed an artificial intelligence so that it governs human behaviour, reducing it to automations, so that we no longer drive our own destiny but fulfil the will of an external agenda. This is devolution through slavery with the ultimate aim to stifle connection to spirit to block the organic ascension process. 

Ascension in this context is not to be confused with abandoning the physical realm, but living as transducers for divine will through harnessing energy from the morphogenetic field that is self-sustaining and regenerating.Artificial intelligence is a mimicry of this locked within a frequency prison resulting in a net energy loss that feeds those who require the sustenance of others, because they themselves have disconnected from the divine nature and fallen deep into separation consciousness, which works on service-to-self principles. 

Service-to-self ignores the irrefutable metaphysical truth that at the ultimate level there can be no separation, as everything is made up of energy that can only derive from one source. People prefer to use different terms to describe this. Some choose source, others prime creator, and others God. All of these are valid providing we recognise this truth and know that all consciousness is sentient. 

Only those who haven’t accessed this part of themselves through their higher self, which speaks to us in different ways, will deny or ridicule its existence, confined to a restrictive material domain governed solely by the laws of physics. Once the connection is open, it cannot easily be stifled out of us, and this is what the negative agenda fears the most. They don’t want us to remember because that way we reclaim the sovereignty to drive our own destiny through execution of the reality creation principle. 

This too can be abused for self-serving means, to access higher consciousness and wield the knowledge and power to exploit others, but without embodying more loving vibrations in our being, we remain disconnected and reliant upon violations of Natural Law to sustain that power, and this will always have an expiry date. Nothing goes unaccounted for in the end, though the darkness certainly can reign supreme for as long as humanity fails to correct its course through recovering from its genetic modification and learning to direct its will to co-create more favourable conditions that work on the true unity principle, with respect for individuality and without the control of external authorities. 

What we are witnessing play out now, which has been unfolding for millennia, is this AI singularity dressed as a NWO/The Great Reset. This is global communism disguised as global progression, exploiting humanity’s desire for change and equality through the creation of faulty belief systems that prey upon unresolved wounds embedded in the collective psyche, such that anyone who challenges them are deemed as barriers to this progression. 

This justifies the suppression of free speech and censorship that breeds global group think, enabling easier access to hijack control over consciousness through technological means. Despite anything we are witnessing on the global stage at the moment, this is most important to resist. Once we are fully plugged in and interfaced with technology, our thoughts and emotions will no longer be our own but fed to us through the machine. This will mean human behaviour can be completely manipulated to serve its will with no resistance from within.

Those who can comprehend this likely won’t be succumbing to that fate. It would require a sufficient enough level of unconsciousness so that the AI will outperform its human capacity, making organic consciousness redundant. Those who can maintain control over their minds and positively direct their will can steer their evolution down an empowering trajectory, restoring human values that have been lost in society and throughout this cycle of human history. 

There is no need to predict how this will unfold, because reality is only created in the present moment, as a reflection of our choices. All we have full control over is our personal choices, but this has great power alone for the divine lives within us and its wisdom can be activated the more we draw in light through the vessel of the body and upgrade our nervous systems to carry a greater vibrational charge. 

This consciousness can easily override the synthetic AI, which only has the power we give it. Source energy is the creator from which all things stem and so its power is absolute. By clearing the gunk from the shadow through integration back to consciousness, we can invite more of this energy in.

We are in an electromagnetic prison, undetectable to our senses and it is vital to raise our frequencies to mitigate its impact, as well as taking practical action to ensure we aren’t walking antennas. This is more than fighting the shadows on the wall. We have to take tangible action through making the right personal choices, otherwise we leave ourselves open to infiltration. Stress is one of the worst culprits to lower our energy and knock us out of balance and it’s easy during these testing times to become overwhelmed and lose energy. 

Our energy is our most valuable commodity and it must remain regulated. By staying in the neutral point, we position ourselves to best adapt to the coming changes.

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