Transhumanist Temptations

Obsession with popular figures like Elon Musk demonstrates why we fail to change course as a collective. Just a week ago, Musk was encouraging people to come and work for his company Neuralink, pioneering the research and development for human symbiosis with AI, outlining this as the long-term goal, and in his own words, one that is ‘species level important’. To win sufficient collective acceptance for such a dystopian future, he cunningly presents this reality as an inevitability, with a ‘if you can’t beat em, join em’ mindset.

Benevolence and transhumanism cannot coexist. The very nature of interfacing with AI is dehumanising and a consciousness harvesting program, that enslaves the soul and stifles the connection to spirit, handing over fate to an external will. No one with pure intentions would attempt to manipulate free will in this way, preying on the impressionable looking for a saviour figure to worship. 

Just like various religions and destructive belief systems, the Musk bandwagon has transformed into a brainwashed cult, indoctrinated by dangerous ideals and blinded by false pretences, peddled by his Silicon Valley comrades and useful idiots like Joe Rogan, who has long sold his integrity in exchange for fame and fortune, proudly propping up Musks fake persona through their weed smoking antics and edgy tech talk that attempts to disguise the underlying sinister implications of his contributions. 

No man, as clever as they appear, makes their way to richest man status, unless they have a specific role to play in the globalists agenda, and those who think you can be both anti-establishment, yet a front runner in transhumanist technology, are gravely mistaken. Neuralink chips have now effectively been implanted into pig and monkey brains, Starlink satellites encircle the globe, communicating with 5G towers, Tesla electrical technologies pave the way for the ‘internet of things, and crypto-currencies lure us into digital currency. 

It’s no mistake that Musk is investing heavily into Bitcoin, manipulating the market to drive investment in preparation for this digital transition, and yet we fall for the bait, blinded by our selfish interest to cash in and get ahead of the curve, a mindset that drove the corrupt fiat currency machine. It’s the so called ‘awake’ community ironically that have been used to bring this in, manipulated into the belief that a decentralised blockchain constitutes anti-establishment, failing to zoom out and see the bigger picture. Whilst there may be some unintended positive consequences, a crypt (death) currency carries a sinister symbology, as does being tied to the ‘block’ ‘chain’.

Endorsing open source technology such as Signal also doesn’t exonerate Musk and could just as easily be a way to usher people from one trap into another. This would be unsurprising given the app was also endorsed by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, who gloated of its’ position at the top of the app chart, just after he had assisted in deplatforming Parler – a fate that suspiciously didn’t meet Signal, which was created by ex Twitter employee Moxie Marlinspike, who has previously worked with Whatsapp, Facebook and Google to integrate the Signal Protocol into their messaging services.

The link between all these components is obvious and undeniable when you take off the rose tinted glasses. We have been conditioned to value those thrust into the limelight with enormous wealth, as if this somehow qualifies them to meddle with humanity’s future. We made the same mistake with Bill Gates, the geeky Microsoft genius in his colourful sweaters whose eugenics programs continue to contaminate the human genome through genetic modification, achieved through monopolising ownership of farmland and the seed supply, and vaccine programs that cripple human health, sterilizing increasing numbers and contributing to depopulation through mass genocide, not to mention justifying blocking the sun’s frequencies under the false pretext of preventing global warming. 

This is what happens when we entrust megalomaniacs with our lives, and so criticising Gates whilst hailing Elon, highlights sheer ignorance and hypocrisy. They are both playing their part, just one appears to be a better actor. It’s kind of like comparing Barack Obama with Joe Biden. Redditers and ‘intellectuals’ indoctrinated into the cult of scientism, hail such psychopathic endeavours as an evolutionary feat, manipulated into an inverted, regressive reality that violates Natural Law, devolving the species from the natural world and into a virtual sub reality, with no individual autonomy to craft a reality through organic consciousness – a technology that far supersedes the synthetic algorithms of the machine. 

Quantum Mechanics has demonstrated this potential scientifically, yet it is conveniently ignored in favour of a deterministic singularity, achieved through manipulating the collective consciousness enough to bring this synthetic technological timeline into manifestation. Should we reclaim our sovereign right to become the creative force of our destiny, then such outcomes could not materialise. Physical reality is responding to the underlying energetic substance, of which we all play our part. When we hand over our power to people like Musk through idol worship, we allow them to govern our fate, demonstrating our inability to take self-responsibility. 

There are two timelines, and we are all going to have to make a choice which one to serve. If we choose a future governed by AI, we forfeit our evolutionary progression and devolve down a service-to-self trajectory, but if we reclaim our minds from the social engineers and harness consciousness to serve our spiritual integrity, through aligning with divine will, then we evolve toward greater congruence with prime creator on a service-to-others trajectory, respecting Natural Law and positively contributing to ourselves and humanity without a net loss.

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