Division Through Polarisation

The perversion of the gender principle aims to homogenise the population through external manipulation to create gender confusion and drive the transhumanist agenda. This dissolution

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Shifting Timelines

When we connect to one another energetically we are generating a quantum field that works as an overlay to the collective consciousness. This can happen

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The War on Natural Health

The pharmaceutical industry destroys health through suppressing the body’s natural defences. There is an all out war against the immune system at the moment and

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Ritual Psy-ops

We are experiencing media propaganda at an unprecedented level as the controllers ramp up the momentum toward initiating the global population into a communist one

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The World is a Stage

There are deliberate distractions being pushed through media channels to divert attention away from more important matters. This is a classic divide and rule strategy

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The Silent World War

We have now entered into the Third World War, a silent war against the global population by the same bloodlines who have orchestrated and funded

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The Energetic Landscape

Many of us are noticing our energy fluctuating dramatically, reflecting internal and external shifts. This can result in feeling over-charged in one moment, to completely

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Stockholm Syndrome

Inevitably we are all going to be faced with the disappointment of loved ones making disempowering decisions which we have no control to change, celebrating

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