A Multidimensional Perspective

Let’s zoom out for a minute and observe unfolding reality from a less compartmentalised perspective. Humanity is currently transitioning through a collective dark night of

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Transducing Divine Will

When we zoom out and observe the war on consciousness from a wider perspective, there is a singularity playing out that hijacks human consciousness and

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New Year Blessings

As we enter the new year, consider how much your state of being is contingent upon external factors. Check in with yourself to see if

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Secret Technologies

The gene therapies are just one part of the picture when it comes to the bigger agenda, albeit an important one. The overall aim is

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The Emasculation of Men

These power grabbing times call from more proactive engagement. More men, in particular, need to be willing to step up to the plate and challenge

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Avoiding Self-Fulfilling Traps

Whilst it’s certainly useful to exercise appropriate caution and to make reasonable preparations in the event of potential destabilisation, it’s important not to feed into

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