Useful Sleep Aids

Here’s some tips that have helped aid with sleep and help to maintain balance:

1. Dim Lights – Gradually dim lights a few hours before bed. Avoid harsh white led lights. I dim down to a medium intensity orange lit lamp a couple of hours before bed and then onto a pink himalayan an hour or so before. Pink himalayans have reported health benefits and use soft incandescent bulbs.

2. Avoid Tech Before/After Sleep – This one is hard but rest is much easier when we take technology out of the equation. There is less electromagnetic interference and mind clutter. As an alternative, turn phone/laptop brightness right down, use night mode and dark mode for at least a few hours before bed and/or invest in some blue blocking glasses.

3. Turn of all Electrics – Electronics interfere with melatonin production and disrupt the nervous system which affects sleep. Before sleep, turn off everything at the mains, especially the wifi router. Turn phone off or on airplane mode and keep away from your person.

4. Sleep Blackout – Use blackout blinds/curtains or an eye mask. When it turns dark your body releases melatonin indicating that it is ready to wind down and sleep. Artificial light interferes with this process. Melatonin is a vital hormone produced in the pineal gland which helps to regulate mood.

5. Avoid Alarms – Alarms can jolt a person prematurely out of deep REM sleep. Allow your body to wake up when it decides to. At first this may result in oversleeping but over time your body learns to adjust to a consistent sleep cycle and wakes you up around the same time, and you can adjust this to fit your lifestyle by establishing a consistent routine.

6. Sleep Longer If Necessary – If you are struggling to get out of bed then listen to your body and give it what it needs. Allow some extra time to reboot. Alternatively, catch up with a nap later on or sleep earlier to compensate.

7. Intermittent Fasting. I eat my last meal around 8pm and first around 12pm. This fits the 16-8 fasting method where 2/3rds of time is spent in fast. I’ve found this to sharpen concentration and increase physical energy. My body goes through less spikes and lulls in energy. Listen to your body and do what works for you. I don’t research/follow a definitive method. This came naturally to me.

8. Wim Hof Breathing and Meditation – I use Wim Hof’s guided breathing on Youtube and then enter straight into a meditation. The combination works well. I prefer this in the mornings before breaking fast.

9. Cold Showers – I’ve found the Wim Hof cold therapy very useful. It enlivens the cells and invigorates the mind. I feel it helps to boost the immune system. Do this when it feels right and gradually work to increase time and cold intensity. I often take these showers coming straight out of the meditation above.

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