Voting With Your Money

It’s difficult to relinquish all attachments to a corrupted system that has a monopoly over the industries that preside over society. This centralisation of power makes it difficult to live a completely ethical and sustainable life, because competition is undercut by those with greater financial power.

Likewise, consumers are pushed into increasing financial hardship, which limits their spending power, and so resorting to the cheaper corporate prices may seem the only feasible choice. However, it’s a case of reevaluating the things we buy and consume, being honest about what value they actually serve beyond the temptations of the ego, which prioritises convenience and comfort over ethical consideration through informed choice. 

Our money carries a particular frequency depending on where it is going. Everything is an exchange of energy and every action has a reaction on a metaphysical level. Nothing goes unaccounted for in the karmic cycle and when our choices contribute towards harming ourselves or another, this slows down our spiritual evolution. 

A convenient purchase off Amazon, for example, may appear to be more preferable to the alternatives, but if that other choice proves to be the more ethical one, then we have opened the divine flow and will see a return on that energetic investment, even if not immediately noticeable. Investing resources in companies that siphon them for nefarious means, is a perversion of Natural Law, and this manipulation of free will, which relies on our ignorance and laziness, feeds globalisation.

Though we may perceive our impact as one person as insignificant, it is an accumulation of our choices that construct the collective landscape and if we aren’t willing to exercise personal responsibility, then we are contributing to polluting the collective field, inviting more exploitative forces that thrive in such conditions. 

An extremely tiny percentage of people have been able to acquire such influence because we subscribe to their systems out of fear of scarcity, largely stemming from the creation of the debt based economic system that manipulates the market to create ruthless competition. The recent stock market situation highlighted the disproportionate influence of Wall Street and the hedge funds, and how they manipulate stocks to weaken the ordinary investor. 

The sufficient backlash against Robinhood for restricting investment led to a reversal of their decision, demonstrating the power of people when they mobilise in numbers for a cause. This same mindset can be applied in other areas, it just requires sufficient awareness to reach a critical mass and then to be followed through with decisive action. 

The dirty laundry of the political, social media and financial landscapes has been aired for all to see who choose not to play ignorant, and as this continues, more people will establish the links between these institutions and connect it to the plan for an orchestrated Great Reset.

It’s not a case of transforming overnight, but making gradual changes that take us down a cleaner trajectory, leaving less karmic footprints behind. Continuing to subscribe to Netflix knowing their support for child exploitation through airing the pedophile film Cuties, makes us complicit in its continuation. 

Likewise, companies like Wayfair were exposed for selling items at extortionate prices using names of trafficked children, and so any financial contribution to their company helps to fuel this abhorrent industry. Porn websites also have numerous material containing underage sexually exploited children. Old habits die hard, but until we boycott these criminal enterprises, they will continue to operate with impunity, responding to the demand. 

The same applies to the big tech conglomerates that are like thought forms generating power through our consent. Without our compliance, they would lose their monopoly, paving the way for more decentralised platforms that permit the exchange of ideas, free from violations of freedom of speech. 

As they continue to clamp down on censorship, through targeting any online presence that diverges from the preferred narrative which supports the continuation of strict lockdowns, they stifle people’s voice and annihilate the hard efforts of independent and local business owners, who simply cannot survive the hardship.

This puts the responsibility down to us to unify and create viable alternatives, at a grassroots community based level, or larger scale. This will be met with continued resistance, but will only amplify our resolve as it thrusts more people into an awakening to global scale deception.

Though there is undeniably a lot a we don’t know, and psy-ops running rampant at the moment, this doesn’t detract from the fact that the awakening into higher consciousness is well underway and cannot be stopped, and ironically it catalyses the more its counteracting force tries to strengthen its grip. 

This is the integration of the dark/light polarities necessary to evolve to the next stage and birth new ways of living. How that plays out remains to be seen and will be subject to variable free will factors that are impossible to predict for definite, but we can all play our part in redistributing power by supporting worthy causes, rather than willingly feeding the beast who use tried and tested psychological marketing tactics to appeal to our desires and keep us distracted from our inner connection, where true salvation lies.

By opting out, we create a ripple of change that can initiate a powerful butterfly effect in our own lives, calling forth a reality in alignment with our purer intentions and choices. Ultimately, we are the co-creators of reality, but have become so divorced from this creative power that we believe we are victims of fate, confined to the subservience of an external will that we give permission to govern our reality. 

Integration involves greater congruence between our inner and outer reality, and whilst we may not have the power to bend the collective timeline alone, change starts on a personal level, and there is still our own individual spiritual evolution to take into consideration.

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