What Feeds The Mind Becomes Reality

The external world is rife with mind control frequencies at the moment, trying to keep the human soul subdued so that it is not activated during this window of opportunity. Those who are still operating in an unconscious state of hypnosis may be appearing more programmed in their behaviours and general demeanour, clinging onto the limited comforts of a dying paradigm through engaging in self-destructive activities, rather than facing up to the increasingly obvious reality that something is very wrong with the current condition.

The Dark Night Gateway For Transformation

The fear of change and the unknown scares those conditioned into a false sense of security, where conformity to a dysfunctional system is still preferable to the discomfort of acknowledging that they have been living a lie and serving a system that is using them to subjugate themselves.
The lockdowns offered a gateway of a transformation for the next wave of individuals who were able to traverse through the introspective dark night of the soul process without letting fear lull them back into denial and repression, continuing to operate under ego identities that obstruct self-awareness and continue to derive energy externally.
Until delving into the suppressed aspects of the psyche, individuals remain split off from the source of their spiritual energy, governed by the negative ego, repressing unresolved trauma compensated through external attachments and addictions that provide artificial relief but eventually build up and lead to physical symptoms and disease, no matter how stable on external appearances.
We all carry a record of painful memories to varying degrees that can be retrieved through internal work and emotional release practices, but if we are preoccupied by the reflection, then this amnesia becomes deeper rooted into the unconscious, becoming more dissociated from higher intelligence.

Substance Toxicity on The Energy Body

The activities promoted in society and popular culture are depleting life force. Alcohol, for example, numbs the conscious mind and opens entry points for astral parasites to work through which prey upon unresolved conflicts, implanting false memories and hijacking the mind to feed suggestions and promote self-destructive tendencies.
These energies work on subtle levels that are not easily detectable, and so the changes at first may appear slight, but they become progressively degenerative and keep the individual locked in the addiction/dependency cycle. This is why adults normalise these destructive habits, unable to allow a sufficient period of time to regenerate energetic resources, which builds up as tension in the body until it manifests as illness. This is the body’s way of responding to the accumulation of toxicity in the body, both physical/chemical, and energetic through emotional repression.
The more unconscious during intoxication, the more fragmented the soul becomes and the easier infiltration is. This is why many people who are drunk act completely out of character and behave recklessly, without any memory of their actions or ability to rationalise them the next day. The same applies to any artificial substance that an individual has lost control to. Drugs burn holes in the auric field, weakening the aura into a lower vibrational state that is more prone to hacking.
Detoxing is much more than a physical process, but a spiritual cleansing of sorts that purifies the body on a multidimensional level, allowing for greater soul embodiment which revitalises the energy body promoting healing and mental/emotional stability.

Subliminal Programming

Infiltration can also occur in less obvious ways. Anything we allow into our minds will leave an imprint and shape the subconscious, which then formulates its beliefs and perception based on that content. The unconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between fiction and reality, functioning according to symbols and archetypes that form narratives that contribute to the creation of reality.
Subliminal inserts work through the tv and other media channels as a form of predictive programming to shape the collective unconscious to manifest engineered timelines. Repetition of sexually perverted and violent material will wire the subconscious to reflect those realities which become self-fulfilling prophecies. This is why life often imitates art. Without the consent and participation of the subjects, the reality would not materialise. We are all feeding the story.
Platforms like Netflix are extremely effective at crafting the collective consciousness into a hive mind that serves the will of its programmers, to the point that the mind ceases to be autonomous and instead functions as a software program according to the stimuli being received. Kids entrenched in the virtual world of gaming will also start to mimic what they are being exposed to most regularly and so they become easy mind control subjects to continue to usher in the distorted timelines.
This is also why unaccessible memories trapped in the collective unconscious are rewriting the same destructive narratives. Trauma from previous generations and cycles are still playing out in the shadows and need to be accessed through retrieving the lost and destroyed knowledge that has divorced humanity from it’s origins.
The educational establishment works in this way through its indoctrination programs, which are now completely hijacked with false history and the perversion of liberal ideology, exploiting unresolved emotional trauma relating to moral causes to peddle inverted belief systems masquerading as unity, but functioning as programmed group think that rewards compliance and tarnishes individuality.
Social media is becoming the prime tool to clutter the mind with junk and bitesize chunks of material that fuel addiction to quick dopamine releases that deplete the energy body and keep the individual enmeshed in comparison and the need for external validation. The brain cannot compute all this information, which becomes polluted with conflicting information that obstructs the connection to our own higher intelligence to channel source through the medium of the body, which can be discerned through intuitive intelligence.
This information processing works in alignment with the individuals highest growth potential, bringing them into synthesis with their unique soul pathway toward evolution. Whilst we try to establish truth in a sea of confusion and chaos, we lose touch with our spiritual centre from which guidance comes most effortlessly.

Nature's Reset

We can work to reconnect by tuning out from the noise and finding connection in places that nourish the soul and stimulate the imagination, so that the mind can fertilise new potentials as a reflection of the higher vibrations being embodied when we are in those states of higher joy and peace.
Nature is full of inspiration and diversity, stimulating the creative mind and ideas of a reality that work in communion with the forces of nature. The divine is imbued in all living things, and we can learn from all the splendour of gods creations.
Busy cities that are infected with the mind virus of materialism and synthetic enjoyment divorce us from this untainted connection and collectively feed the singularity of artificial intelligence that successively overlays the natural world with a virtual sub-reality, siphoning source energy through harmful electromagnetic frequencies that power smart cities connected to the electrical grid. Freedom is exchanged for false promises of security, stability and convenience that trade humanity for a docile predetermination.
Humans have the capacity to synthesise their conscious creativity with the natural environment to create a beautiful earth, without disrupting the natural order and creating a karmic footprint which nature will correct for. This is how energy works. Every action has a reaction and all will be accounted for as nature strives back toward harmony and balance.
We find ourselves at the crossroads of this time cycle. Once the truth of our spiritual nature and power of the mind is resurfaced, we can start to reimagine our potential and rewrite the story. We move from unconscious victims of fate to conscious co-creators, harnessing our mind to manipulate matter in accordance with nature and divine law. Without venturing into the abyss of the underworld and losing ourselves in the process, the reclamation of consciousness would not have the imprint of the journey that gave life meaning.

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